Pre-Construction Services

FitzGerald & Sons Plumbing Company offers a full range of pre-construction services. Our pre-construction team is comprised of estimating staff, design/BIM staff, project management staff, and material management staff. Our pre-construction team works closely and consults with the project design team from the schematic design phase, through the design development phase, and finishing up with the construction document phase to assist with conceptual estimating and budgeting.

Our pre-construction team continuously monitors the evolving design documents through all phases of the design process with a keen eye on keeping the design from experiencing scope creep and exceeding the budgetary parameters established by the owner. Utilizing 25 years of plumbing contracting experience and the leading estimating software (Estimation Logistics) in the market, our team can review any changes in the design to monitor the effect on the overall budget picture. Our team is also very active in pursuing value analysis, construct ability reviews, and logistical analysis related to the evolving project design.

Our Pre-Construction Team Provides Consulting Solutions for the Following Project Delivery Methods:

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